Coin Master Guide, Spinning, Attacking Raiding Pets and Cards

Coin Master Guide

Did you ever play Coin master? If you did not ever play coin master even for a while then it’s the best place where you will get guidance about the game. Coin Master Guide is here for you.

However, the Coin Master Guide provides you the complete guide.

Spinning-What it is in Coin Master?

As you know this is a slot machine game each time spinning the slot machine costs x1 spins betting x1is on. If you have less than 200 spins total you can bet x1 to x3 and if you have more betting x5 will be enabled. If you have spins 500 then your bet will be x8, with 1000 bet will be x10,  with 2800 the player will bet will be x25, and with 5000 the player bet will reach x50.

Spins will be generated by 5 spins and it will reach 50 then it will stop. It means it takes 10 hours to complete the spins. Therefore, make 25 spins to play it again.

Coin Master Free Spins

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  • What does the tiger pet do in Coin master?

Also, I will tell you one thing more important. If you want to get the best rewards you spinning the machine and get the 3 same symbols.

  1. 3 Coins: gives you more coins. It depends on which level you are. If you are on a higher level you get more coins it also upgrades your village.
  2. 3 pigs: It will raid your coin master at the top of the slot machine. It can be your friend or bot or a random player with most of the coins.
  3.  Shields will give you 1-50 shields and depends on how much you bet.
  4. Hammer will let you attack another player village and damage it.
  5.  Energy will give you 10 spins betting.
  6.  coin pouches will yield the highest amount of coins and it also depends on your village level.



Attacking and Raiding in Coin Master Guide

Attacking:  It will give you the option to attack other player’s villages it can be your friend’s or bot or a random player.  Your attack will be blocked if other players have a shield.

This will not give you more coins. I will advise you to attack those players who have more firing objects. It will give you a successful attack and a lot of coins.

Raiding: It will give you the option to raid other player’s coins. This can be your friend or a bot or a random player. In raiding, there will be 4 holes with 3 shovels which will dig 3 holes. These 4 holes have one which is empty and the other 3 has coins one of them will have more coins than the remaining 2.


There are 3 pets which unique features and activated by treats. 1 treat will activate 1 pet for 4 hours. These treats will be bought by real money or can be got by spinning the slot machine.

  1. Foxy
  2. Tiger
  3. Rhino

Cards In Coin Master

You can collect cards from the Viking Chest event or these will be found in chest opening. These can be shared between friends but only the silver cards and only 5 cards. When the Gold trade event will start so you can send gold cards.

Above all, In this event, you can share or receive only 2 cards and by the choice of developer.

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